10 ways we are helping Local Authorities


We work closely with many Local Authorities, from advising how to use assessments to identify and address SLCN, to partnering on collaborative projects such as Early Talk for York and Cradle to Career in Birkenhead.

10 ways we can help

  1. Our assessments support the work and objectives of early years advisers and school improvement teams, reducing workload with targeted tests and instant digital reports setting data within the context of national averages.

  2. From reading and spelling, to progress in core subjects, to untapped potential – we help you and your schools to efficiently and accurately establish baselines.

  3. Identify speech and language difficulties early and precisely, and act immediately with easy-to-use interventions, relieving some of the pressure on the referral process.

  4. We provide assessment data specific to your area’s schools, to help you to respond to local challenges and needs with focused initiatives.

  5. Issues around self-esteem or readiness to learn in pupils can be hard to spot, but we have quick and easy screening tests to ensure that no child’s barriers to learning are missed.

  6. Whole-class screening for pupils who may qualify for exam access arrangements pinpoint which children should apply, improving attainment and saving time.

  7. Our combination and cluster reports triangulate data across assessments and schools to give sophisticated insights across all the children under your jurisdiction.

  8. Using our assessments in schools across your region helps them to work collaboratively on local initiatives too.

  9. We can advise you on which assessments to use when and how frequently, giving you the ability to track the progress of every pupil, every class, and every school.

  10. As you work to support the schools in your region, assessments also measure the impact and progress of individual interventions and wider-scale initiatives.


Our team of advisers are on hand when you need to discuss your needs. Learn more in our dedicated Local Authority section.  

Paul McGlade

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