At GL, we focus on ensuring the best possible outcomes for students to help them learn and succeed. Yet our responsibilities stretch beyond that, including how we operate day to day as we strive to be a better business.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy. We wholly support and comply with – and in some cases, exceed – the requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of practice, and minimising waste, energy and water consumption.

Our enduring commitment to sustainability revolves around three core priorities: aiding charitable causes, minimising our carbon footprint, and bolstering our local communities. Across GL's various offices, we've established initiatives aimed at extending a helping hand to others. Our employees also have the opportunity to vote for local charities deserving of financial support.

In each office, dedicated Sustainability Committee members take charge of coordinating these donations and organising additional fundraising events to bolster the chosen charities. Just last year, our offices collectively contributed £500 to the following organisations:

  • Hounslow Foodbox (Brentford)
  • STEP (Swindon)
  • Durham Social Services (Houghton)
  • Washington Public Schools in Oklahoma (USA)

Our commitment to uplifting our local communities takes various forms. Our team members are granted five volunteer days annually, allowing them to contribute to local schools, charities, or causes of their choice. In our ongoing effort to support our employees, we've recently introduced the Onhand app, enabling them to make a positive impact using their mobile devices. Onhand facilitates individuals in making environmental pledges and connects them with nearby volunteer opportunities, empowering them to effect change wherever they may be situated. With these five paid volunteering days each year, our staff can give back to causes that resonate with their values, such as spending time with those facing isolation or assisting local schools in nurturing young readers.

This is why we've embarked on our path towards sustainability. We're dedicated to making environmentally conscious decisions and creating a positive social impact. Our mission is to bring about positive change for both people and the planet. Our primary objectives on this journey include adopting a comprehensive, long-term sustainability strategy that will guide us in our quest to become more carbon neutral.

  • Raw materials

    60% of our products and services – and all those we sell overseas – are digital. 99.7% of all paper purchased is FSC-certified. The company’s carbon footprint therefore is low and environmental impact is minimal.
  • Waste and recycling

    Paper consumption for our assessments is managed at printers, who are already carbon neutral. We minimise waste and reuse or recycle as much as possible. A focus for us moving forwards is working with all our suppliers to reduce our collective carbon footprint.
  • UK-based printers

    The majority of our printers are based in the UK. It means we’re supporting the UK economy and the local communities where our printers are based.
  • Travel

    We deliver virtual training courses, in every continent bar Antarctica, which avoids the need for excess travel.
  • Targeting emissions reductions

    We’re taking steps to measure our emissions and set targets to reduce them. Tracking and sharing our progress are an integral part of our sustainability commitment.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Our Diversity Matters group aims to encourage diverse representation at all levels within GL, celebrates the diversity that exists within the organisation, and encourages open conversation in a safe and supportive environment.
Building a better world for tomorrow is at the heart of all we do.