Admissions Assessments

Fair Banding Assessments

These assessments are used by schools who wish to group pupils by ability to ensure that their intake includes a proportionate spread of children of different abilities. 

This is carried out by administering a non-verbal or verbal reasoning test. All tests contain our extensively trialled questions and vary in length from 30 minutes upwards. 

  • We are the largest provider of fair banding assessments in England and work with some of the most prominent Multi-Academy Trusts in England
  • Our tests are constructed to ensure validity for the purpose required
  • We provide free familiarisation materials so all candidates can become familiar with test appearance 
  • We provide you with individual account manager support so your testing period runs smoothly and a scoring service or our new custom-built Quartz software (which enables you to quickly and accurately mark at your own school)
  • Working with the RNIB we have developed guidelines on the production and administration of fair banding tests for children with vision impairment.

Non-verbal Reasoning

  • NVR questions measure reasoning processes that are important in a wide range of subjects including maths and the sciences
  • NVR is helpful in assessing the ability of candidates with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Verbal Reasoning

  • VR tests involve reasoning with words and can identify pupils whose strengths lie in English, history, languages and the arts
  • Include a variety of question types developed exclusively by GL Assessment

Our Support Promise


From webinars and online videos to a bespoke training session delivered at your school or Trust, we’ll make sure that you and your colleagues are confident with using our assessments and that you’re getting the most from your data.

Assessment Insights

One-to-one help when you need it from one of our assessment data experts. With over 90 years of classroom experience between them, they will answer your questions and help you analyse your data.


All of our assessments come with a suite of helpful guides designed to get you started and keep benefiting from the data. Technical information and platform support are here too.

Customer Service

Need to place an order? Or have a technical question? You’ll find our contact details here – people, not call centres, just a phone call away.