We value GL Assessment’s tests enormously. They are central to our teaching and learning, and we continuously share the data with parents.
Jill Wilson CBE, Headmistress, The Gleddings

My love affair with words

Recently I’ve been reflecting on my own attitudes towards spelling. I think spelling is a fascinating topic and although I believe that the ability to spell correctly is important

Raising school standards in Wales

This new curriculum will require a new approach to assessment generally. Assessment will focus more on helping learners to understand how they are performing and what they need to do next

New Global Perspectives report on international student wellbeing

Student wellbeing underpins all educational outcomes. From attendance and attainment to progress and employability skills, students who are supported to be mentally healthy and have a positive outlook towards education are more likely to succeed.

What makes UK education so valued?

"There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a project improve pupils’ potential to succeed. Not all projects will perhaps make huge gains – but every small gain can be life changing"