We value GL Assessment’s tests enormously. They are central to our teaching and learning, and we continuously share the data with parents.
Jill Wilson CBE, Headmistress, The Gleddings

Primary schools get help to identify pupils with speech and language difficulties in minutes

At a time when resources to support children with speech and language difficulties is at best inequitable or at worst inaccessible*, GL Assessment has unveiled a toolkit to help primary schools easily screen and support children with speech and language difficulties.

Misbehaviour or misidentification?

Claire Westwood discusses why getting to the root of a child’s communication difficulties can radically alter their experience of education and beyond.

Doubting Miss Daisies: the link between low self-esteem and under-performance in girls

Low self-esteem can have a direct effect on reading attainment, particularly for girls, according to our new report looking at assessment data of over 40,000 pupils. Read the findings, real case studies and our recommended interventions.

Girls more inclined to doubt their intelligence than boys, study finds

One in five children (21%) say they aren’t clever by the time they start secondary school, with girls more likely than boys to doubt their intelligence, according to our large study of UK students.