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What do we do?

We are the leading provider of formative assessments to schools across the UK and Ireland. Our data helps you:

  • Highlight strengths and gaps in reading and core subjects
  • Reveal barriers to learning
  • Identify and support children with additional educational needs
  • Provide evidence of progress
  • Deliver evidence of whole school improvement
  • Directly inform teaching strategies

Trusted for over 40 years


Over 30 million online tests


100 Countries worldwide

Why are we the right choice?


  • We do the number-crunching for you, providing you with reports that are easy to understand and to act on

  • We offer tailored reports for different stakeholders, supporting your conversations with the people that matter

  • Our assessments are standardised, continuously validated, and trusted in over 100 countries

We're here to help


For issues affecting teachers and schools right now, here’s where you’ll find the latest articles and reports by educational experts, school leaders and members of our team.

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Case Studies

Teachers using our assessments share their experiences, from the needs they wanted to address to how they’ve used the data to inform teaching and learning. Expect plenty of practical tips along the way.

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All assessments come with the help you need to get started and to get the most from the data they provide. Our support team has over 50 years of teaching experience so you can expect no-nonsense practical advice.

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