Reinforcing our understanding of pupils with PASS

By getting all children to take PASS, we were not only able to make comparisons across classes, year groups and the whole school, but it also identified issues with pupils whom we might not have otherwise looked at.


T’was the night before Life after Levels

“We’ve got the data – so now let’s teach those gaps!”


Reliability in a world without levels

As Ofsted's report on 'Key Stage 3: the wasted years' said, 'The importance of a good start to a pupil's secondary school education cannot be overemphasised'. We couldn't agree more.' Here, Andy Daly, Principal of Swavesey Village College, explains how they introduced standardised tests following the removal of national curriculum levels.


Measuring progress across a MAT

Organising a MAT of 30, quite disparate, primary academies is no mean feat. There was a real need for rigour and for quality assessment, and for standardising our practice. This was non-negotiable for us as a MAT.


The data challenge for junior schools

CDS is not an add on; it's part of what we do. Teachers embraced it very quickly due to the range and breadth of information that it gave them


Creating effective happy learners

Standardised assessments play a vital role. We believe that we should know what our pupils are capable of achieving


Building the right foundations

Hilary Fine, our Head of Product, writes about the findings of our two YouGov polls showing what teachers and parents think about the narrowing of the National Curriculum.


Teaching vocabulary

Remember the episode of Friends when Joey discovers a thesaurus and signs his name as 'baby kangaroo'? Our Commissioning Editor, Lucy Hadfield, explains the importance of children having a wide, varied (and accurate) vocabulary.


Autism teaches – 5 girls, 5 years

It’s been five years since I started as Head of Educational Support at Nottingham Girls’ High School (NGHS). I love my job and one of the main reasons for this is that I have the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing young women every day of the week.


Demystifying standardised scores

So you’ve bought the assessments and planned how to deliver them, but what are the results going to show you and what does it mean? Mark Loveday from Chadsgrove Teaching School Alliance offers some useful guidance.