Using the Progress Test Series to aid transition within a three-tier system

Being able to demonstrate progress from the point of entry to exit is crucial in showing the impact of the curriculum and teaching and learning.


Helping to give children the best chance to succeed in exams

Save time and money when applying for exam access arrangements


Improving and evidencing pupils’ progress in learning and self-esteem with PASS

PASS is there to establish pupil perceptions and challenge staff and parent assumptions. Given the correct time to analyse and discuss pupils it can be a powerful tool for school improvement.


Access arrangements for learners with dyslexia taking GCSE and A Level exams

Lia Castiglione, Professional Practice Leader at Patoss talks about the options available for students with dyslexia.


Access arrangements for primary schools

Donna Pierpoint, Vice Principal at St Peter’s Catholic Academy in Stoke-on-Trent, explains the process of applying for access arrangements for primary school children.


What is there to gain from partnerships?

Professional partnerships have been forming for an age - and there are many good reasons why.


Accountability and inclusion: a hugely difficult balancing act

Last week I had the honour of chairing our inaugural SEN Conference in Manchester, featuring some of the leading authorities in the sector.


How is research informing practice?

Leadership was seen to have made research and evidence an integral part of school improvements


Putting Research into Practice Makes Perfect Sense

The question of whether teaching is an art or a science is an old saw. I’d query the assumption that it should be a binary choice.


What does ‘average’ actually mean?

In the 1950s the US Air Force realised that its planes’ cockpits were too small for its pilots, who had tended to put on pounds and inches in the 30 years since they were first designed for the average airman.