Misbehaviour or misidentification?

Claire Westwood discusses why getting to the root of a child’s communication difficulties can radically alter their experience of education and beyond.


How CAT4 data can be used to stretch and challenge higher attaining students

The unique power of using CAT4 data in this way with higher attaining students is in identifying areas of strength so that these can be built upon and developed


Introducing a Trust-wide system to support the progress of all students

The information provided about the gaps in knowledge and understanding in core subjects has led to changes in the curriculum


Using PASS to support pupil wellbeing

Wellbeing is a major focus in our school and PASS plays an important role in ensuring that the facilities we have and the support we provide are directed in the right way.


Using the Progress Test Series to demonstrate rapid pupil progress across a middle school

This constant evaluation of the curriculum provision and its impact on pupil attainment has proved to be a contributing factor of the rapid progress pupils make in KS3.


Closing the reading gender gap with NGRT

When we had our last Ofsted inspection, we were able to use NGRT reports to show some gaps were closing.


Using the Progress Test Series to aid transition within a three-tier system

Being able to demonstrate progress from the point of entry to exit is crucial in showing the impact of the curriculum and teaching and learning.


Helping to give children the best chance to succeed in exams

Save time and money when applying for exam access arrangements


Improving and evidencing pupils’ progress in learning and self-esteem with PASS

PASS is there to establish pupil perceptions and challenge staff and parent assumptions. Given the correct time to analyse and discuss pupils it can be a powerful tool for school improvement.


Access arrangements for learners with dyslexia taking GCSE and A Level exams

Lia Castiglione, Professional Practice Leader at Patoss talks about the options available for students with dyslexia.