Teaching vocabulary

Remember the episode of Friends when Joey discovers a thesaurus and signs his name as 'baby kangaroo'? Our Commissioning Editor, Lucy Hadfield, explains the importance of children having a wide, varied (and accurate) vocabulary.


Autism teaches – 5 girls, 5 years

It’s been five years since I started as Head of Educational Support at Nottingham Girls’ High School (NGHS). I love my job and one of the main reasons for this is that I have the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing young women every day of the week.


Demystifying standardised scores

So you’ve bought the assessments and planned how to deliver them, but what are the results going to show you and what does it mean? Mark Loveday from Chadsgrove Teaching School Alliance offers some useful guidance.


How we use data to inform our pupil progress meetings

The Grammar School at Leeds, Junior School uses GL Assessment’s Progress Test Series for English and Maths, in conjunction with other types of assessments and teacher judgements (that can be evidenced through books) to build a holistic picture of a how a pupil is achieving and progressing. The results of all summative and formative assessments, together with teacher judgment grades, are entered termly on the school's data system).


Looking at patterns of dissatisfaction in pupils

If you had to look for patterns of dissatisfaction in pupils, where would you look? Could you Google it? Your fingers might hover over the keyboard, but I’m not sure what you’d be searching for. And sadly, looking down the back of the sofa won’t help with this one.


In a world of workload woes, how smart is your intervention data?

In the classroom, the main driver to gather pupil data must be to understand strengths and weaknesses of our pupils and adapt teaching and learning to match


Striving for STEM success

‘Inspiring girls to discover their talents and fulfil their potential through our founding principles of aspiration, empowerment and excellence’ is at the heart of life at Flixton Girls’ school.


Mismatched intervention strategies

A issue I see in some schools is the mismatch between children who require additional support and the intervention resources assigned to them.


Putting Research into Practice Makes Perfect Sense

The question of whether teaching is an art or a science is an old saw. I’d query the assumption that it should be a binary choice.


My love affair with words

Recently I’ve been reflecting on my own attitudes towards spelling. I think spelling is a fascinating topic and although I believe that the ability to spell correctly is important