Identifying and supporting pupils with SEND

Our SEND assessments can help you to identify those pupils that might need support and plan appropriate support measures, including EHCPs and referrals to Educational Psychologists.
How can we help
  • Identify speech and language difficulties and act immediately with easy to use interventions - WellComm Early Years and WellComm Primary
  • Dedicated assessments to identify pupils at risk of dyslexia and dyscalculia - including YARC, Rapid, CoPS and LASS and Dyscalculia Screener
  • Identify pupils with numeracy difficulties helping to inform targets for pupils - Sandwell Early Numeracy Test (SENT)
  • Uncover emotional or attitudinal barriers that might be impacting achievement - Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS)
  • Dedicated team of advisors - to support you and ensure you get the most from your data
The sooner we can identify what additional support a pupil needs, the sooner they are able to start making the level of progress they are truly capable of.

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