New Group Reading Test

A standardised, adaptive, termly assessment to measure reading skills against the national average. Use it to identify where intervention may be needed, and then to monitor impact and progress made. 


  • It’s adaptive, responding to a pupil’s ability as they complete the test so more able readers are challenged and weaker ones remain engaged
  • Provides you with a Standard Age Score (SAS), a reading age, Key Stage 2 or GCSE indicators, and progress measures
  • Includes practical guidance for next steps
  • Standardised on over 11,700 pupils with its national benchmarks verified each year based on data from half a million pupils
  • Widely used in Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) reading intervention projects 
Your ability to read is an essential part of your toolkit to learn, so we need to understand how well our students read and where the gaps lie.