Transition from primary

We know that quickly securing a sound transition into secondary school, as well as into Key Stage 3, will be especially vital this year in light of two disrupted school years and a lack of national data.
How can we help
  • Build a complete picture of your new cohorts, their current attainment levels, their strengths, any barriers to learning they may have and how they feel about this new stage in their school journey - Key Stage 3 Assessment Package
  • Establish a baseline and understand achievement across key groups. CAT4 also includes KS2 indicators, and you can use it with FFT's Aspire system to support target setting for GCSE subjects - Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4), FFT Aspire
  • Establish current attainment levels in maths, English, science and reading - Progress Test Series (PT Series), New Group Reading Test (NGRT)
  • Identify potential barriers to learning and understanding students’ attitudes to learning - Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS), Rapid, LASS
  • Compare CAT4 data and data from our attainment tests using our unique combination report to identify disparities between ability and attainment - CAT4, New Group Reading Test (NGRT), Progress Test in English and in Maths
Without KS2 SATs, CAT4 and the Progress Test Series will be our reliable mainstays.

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