Episode 9: Turning the page - tackling the myths and assumptions on reading in schools


In our latest episode we discuss the myths and assumptions on reading in schools. Our special guests are Richard Slade, Executive Headteacher, and Alicia Whytock, Head of School at Plumcroft Primary School in London.

Our regular Data Spotlight feature explains myON, a cross-curricular teaching and learning tool from Renaissance which helps students acquire the essential skills to become fluent readers.

We also hear from Louise Quinn, Director of Research School at North East Learning Trust, who shares their "lightbulb moment" from using data from the New Group Reading Test with the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4).

Access the findings of our exclusive ‘Turning the page’ UK survey, which polled over 600 primary and secondary teachers to discover their attitudes to teaching reading and the issues that might impede a successful reading strategy: https://reports.gl-assessment.co.uk/turning-the-page/

Discover more about myON: https://uk.renaissance.com/products/myon/

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