The complete speech and language toolkit, from screening to intervention.

Delayed language skills lead to under-performance later in life. WellComm helps you to identify pre-school and primary school children who are experiencing barriers to speech and language development so that you can support them early in their education journey.

Available for Early Years and Primary-aged pupils, the toolkits are quick and simple to use (requiring no speech and language expertise). Reports take traffic light scoring format, making them easy to interpret.

Both toolkits come with an age-appropriate ‘Big Book of Ideas’ with targeted activities to help you take appropriate action straight away. Activities and strategies can also be shared with parents for use in the home learning environment.

Support is provided for children who are referred to a speech and language therapist and those who are not referred.

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WellComm Digital

Launching in spring 2024 - WellComm Digital is a digital version of the WellComm speech and language screening and intervention toolkit.

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