Value-Added Service

Quantifiable evidence of your students’ and school’s exam performance using CAT4 as the starting point.

Our Value-Added Service, in partnership with FFT, provides a quantifiable measure of the impact your school’s teaching has had on its students. The service uses CAT4 to consider the starting point of each student which is then compared to actual exam performance to create a value-added score.

The information is delivered via an easy to use dynamic dashboard that allows you to carry out detailed analysis into the performance of groups, subjects, cohorts and individual students. You can also compare your results against the average of other schools using the service and monitor trends over time.

This service is currently available to our CAT4 customers in UK independent senior schools and in post primary schools in Northern Ireland.

From summer 2022, you will be able to access new International Baccalaureate and A level dashboards to supplement your existing I/GCSE dashboards.

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