A light touch screener to identify strengths and challenges related to potential dyslexia for ages 4–15.

Quickly screen pupils using three short tests, which take a total of 15 minutes to complete. 

The tests use an engaging game format to measure: phonological processing, working memory, and either visual-verbal integration memory (for children aged 4-7 years) or phonic decoding skills (for children aged 8 and over).

Administer the tests easily on our GL Ready online platform, with results available immediately in a simple, printable report. 

Test manuals provide appropriate follow up support. Use CoPS (for ages 4–7 years) or LASS 8-11 (for ages 8–11) or LASS 11-15 (for ages 11-15) for more detailed assessment where needed. 

Results from Rapid are automatically incorporated into CoPS and LASS follow-up assessments.

Rapid subtests and FAQs

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