Demonstrating Value-Added

Our Value-Added Service provides quantifiable evidence to give a richer understanding of your students’ and school’s performance, using CAT4 as the starting point.
How can we help
  • Value-Added Service, in partnership with FFT  - uses CAT4 to consider the starting point of each student which can then be compared to actual exam performance to create a value-added score
  • Compare your school’s performance - against an average of the other schools using the service and monitor trends over time
  • Easy-to-use dynamic dashboard  - allows you to analyse the performance of groups, subjects, cohorts and individual students
  • Dedicated team of advisers  - with an in-depth understanding of independent schools who will help you get the most from your data
  • New for summer 2022 - International Baccalaureate and A level dashboards to supplement your existing I/GCSE dashboards
What’s exciting for me is the GL Assessment Value-Added Service which will provide a quantifiable measure of the impact of our school’s teaching.

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