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This summer, we have hosted a series of webinars focusing on the issues facing schools as they plan for students to return following lockdown. Please find below recordings of our recent webinars.

June 2020

24 - 25

From the autumn term, schools using both CAT4 and FFT Aspire will be able to put their Year 7 CAT4 results into FFT Aspire to create a FFT benchmark for pupils at the end of KS4. Join us at this online workshop to find out how schools can use GL Assessment’s CAT4 and FFT Aspire together in September to support your Year 7 pupils.


In this webinar, Becky St John, Independent Assessment and Data Consultant and Trainer, discusses the challenges in pulling together and analysing data from many and diverse schools, such as the tension between autonomy and alignment, and between teacher assessment and test results. In the second part of the webinar, Vicky Merrick, Data Development Lead at Archway Learning Trust, talks about her central assessment framework, what it measures, how GL Assessment data has been used in triangulation with other data, and how it has helped the trust.

May 2020


The trend towards place-based change and how schools across Bolton are addressing the language deficit


Listen to our live broadcast on Speech, Language and Communication Needs by Louisa Reeves from ICAN

April 2020


Identifying the weakest readers to close the reading and vocabulary gap across Blackpool secondary schools

January 2019


In this webinar, Stephen Tierney of the Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust and Hilary Fine from GL Assessment explain the consequences that teaching a more restrictive curriculum at the end of KS2 and start of KS3 can have on student behaviour, wellbeing and academic performance.

May 2018


In this webinar, Hilary Fine from GL Assessment and Laurence Cole from Greenwood Academy in Birmingham will explain why these, often hidden, attitudinal issues can have a big impact on attainment and are precisely the negative attitudes that practitioners fear put children’s wellbeing at risk.

November 2017


During the webinar, independent English/assessment adviser and primary teacher Shareen Mayers will talk us through the different ways you can use the implications for teaching and learning in your school.

October 2017


In this webinar, Shane Rae and Hilary Fine from GL Assessment explain why they think teachers should never use the term ‘average’ when describing an individual child in the classroom.




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