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We have recently hosted a series of webinars focusing on the issues facing schools as they plan for students to return following lockdown. Please find below recordings of our recent webinars.

December 2020


This webinar was presented by Professor Adam Boddison, CEO at nasen and Chair of Whole School SEND; Nicky Martin, Inclusion Consultant, North Star Inclusion Advisory Team; and Mark Loveday, Head of Service & Deputy Headteacher, Chadsgrove School.


This webinar will be presented by Stephen Campbell, Deputy Head (Academic), Haileybury School and Karen Wyborn, Deputy Head (Academic). In this session, both speakers will look at coordinated assessment data, with a focus on how they have used this data on the return to school this autumn.

November 2020


This webinar will be presented by Alexandra Pulfer who has worked at Broadclyst Primary School. The session will focus on the potential impact of COVID upon the return to school in terms of emotional wellbeing and the bearing this plays on achievement.


In this session, Beccie Hawes, the Head of Service at Cadmus Inclusive, will look at which reading skills our children have lost and gained during lockdown and give advice on how to support children with reading as they return to school. She will explain how the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) can be used to identify reading issues and how the York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) can be used to delve deeper.

October 2020


In this webinar, our GL Assessment data expert explores your immediate needs on transitioning back to school and how the Progress Test Series, (PTS) can help you address them.


Many schools will be utilising CAT4 data within FFT Aspire this year in order to obtain FFT indicators. This webinar is for schools using FFT Aspire for the first time and covers how to use and interpret your FFT indicators; for schools familiar with FFT, the webinar can provide a refresher. The webinar also covers the wealth of information CAT4 provides on students which can positively impact learning outcomes, as well as some suggested next steps in teaching and learning following CAT4 results.


In this webinar, our GL Assessment data expert explores your immediate needs on transitioning back to school and how the New Group Reading Test, (NGRT) can help you address them.

September 2020


In this webinar, our GL Assessment data expert explores your immediate needs on transitioning back to school and how the Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey can help you address them.  How will you know which pupils are ready for school and to engage in learning?


In this the second webinar we explore how CAT4 can support your students' learning, one of our experts build on the CAT4 supporting your transition back to school webinar material, delving more deeply into the use of the data.  In particular we explore:  Whole school, group and individual data analysis of cognitive strengths and weaknesses linked to classroom learning and planning.  The Spatial/verbal ‘bias’ report and implications for learning.  The vital aspect of triangulating data alongside CAT4 using the automated combination reports.


IIn this first in a pair of webinars, one of our experts explore your immediate needs on transitioning back to school and how CAT4 can help you address them.  Supporting Transition & Learning:  CAT4 will provide you a consistent baseline on the return to school, through the provision of retrospective Key Stage 2 indicators, 9-1 GCSE indicators, A level indicators and insights into students’ reasoning abilities.  Together, these give a broad and accurate overview of your students, their potential and how they learn.   CAT4 scores can help you identify which students will need more general support in certain subjects with relative weaknesses being magnified by lost learning, making it even harder to catch up.  Our expert identifies the areas of the reports to focus on and demonstrate most effective use of the data to support the issues.  If you are new to the CAT4 and ability testing don’t worry as our expert looks at exactly what CAT4 is, and how as a standardised assessment, you can have confidence in the nationally representative data it provides.




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