Schedule of Growing Skills Quick Reference Guide

  • Age Range: 0-5 years
  • Suitable for: Teachers
  • Test duration: untimed
  • Test format: Paper

Schedule of Growing Skills (SGS)

Schedule of Growing Skills (SGS) is an invaluable tool for professionals who need to establish the developmental levels of children. The individual assessment can be used at any time with children from birth to 5 years, enabling professionals to assess them as and when appropriate and convenient. An SGS Training Course is also available to help professionals develop skills in using the assessment.

SGS provides a reliable ‘snapshot’ of a child’s developmental level, including areas of strength and potential delay. It examines nine key areas, all of which were developed from Mary Sheridan’s STYCAR sequences:

  • Passive Posture
  • Active Posture
  • Locomotor
  • Manipulative
  • Visual
  • Hearing and Language
  • Speech and Language
  • Interactive Social
  • Self-Care Social.

By using colourful and engaging toys like building blocks, a doll, pegs and shapes, the assessment makes the tasks feel like playtime to the child, allowing professionals to observe and assess reactions while the child ‘plays’. Each record form allows for up to four assessments of any one child, providing a clear indication of progress over time. For those that require further assessment, subsequent record forms can be utilised. A simple scoring system highlights developmental areas where children might potentially have a delay, indicating where referral might be necessary.

Why use SGS?

  • SGS provides a clear graphical representation of a child’s developmental level – an ideal basis for discussion with other professionals and parents
  • SGS is quick and easy to use. With clear administration instructions for all items and guidelines for scoring and interpreting results, the user can provide feedback within 30 minutes
  • Using SGS as a universal screening measure ensures that all children are assessed in a consistent way
  • A separate cognitive score can be derived from relevant items to aid interpretation.

SGS Training

GL Assessment offers a comprehensive training course to help healthcare professionals and educational staff develop skills in child assessment using SoGS.

The professional training programme includes in-depth guidance on how to administer the items, including video examples of good and bad practice, along with scoring procedures. Programmes are delivered around the core age range of 18 months to 42. The three hour course is held at a venue of your choice for up to 15 delegates (minimum 6).

It is not requirement to complete this introductory training before purchasing or using the SGS assessment. However, attendees have found it an invaluable introduction to the assessment and the session is very popular.

What others have said about our training:

"Phil is a very personable training facilitator who quite clearly not only knows the product inside and out but is passionate around this assessment tool. The team asked lots of questions and this unfazed Phil. In fact, he was able to reassure the team with his response. I look forward to implementing this assessment tool within the service I manage and the team are engaged to take this forward too."
Victoria Atkinson, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

We also have a training DVD available. Details of this and other SGS materials can be found here.

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