Progress Test Series

Measure progress reliably

Monitor progress

Track progress year-on-year

Personalise learning

Provides accurate information about pupils’ strengths and weaknesses


Benchmark attainment against peers nationally 

Our teachers think the Progress Test Series is fantastic. It validates their thoughts and gives them confidence that their judgment is right from an objective point of view.
Mark Dakin, Headteacher, St Giles Primary

Progress Test Series

Making it easy for you to measure progress reliably in the wake of recent curriculum changes, the Progress Test Series (PT Series) in English, maths and science delivers a detailed, accurate, and clear picture of each pupil’s attainment and progress.

The test can be used year-on-year, takes less than 80 minutes to administer and is marked externally, helping to reduce teacher workload. The reports within Progress Test in English and Progress Test in Maths feature a new indicator showing potential student attainment at the end of KS2 and GCSE. Find out more>>.

As a trusted and robust assessment; the new standardisation for PTE and PTM is based on 85,000 pupils.


Progress Test in English

Assess pupils’ technical English skills (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and reading comprehension.

Progress Test in Maths

Monitor pupils’ mathematical skills and knowledge, in areas such as number, shape, data handling and algebra.

Progress Test in Science

Measure two dimensions of science learning: science content knowledge and understanding, and working scientifically (applying science skills).