Seven of our leading assessments together provide you with a simple, reliable and consistent way of benchmarking and confidently tracking your pupils’ progress at transition and throughout Key Stage 3.

Our KS3 Assessment Package is a powerful combination of our Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4), Progress Test Series (covering English, maths and science), New Group Reading Test (NGRT), New Group Spelling Test (NGST), and our Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) attitudinal measure.

Together they identify your pupils’ potential achievement, measure their attainment and progress in core subjects, and uncover any barriers to learning they may have so you can plan appropriate interventions. It’s specifically designed to support you through the crucial KS3 years and for GCSE decision-making.

The KS3 Assessment Package is available to schools in England only, if you would like to discuss how we can support your school, please email

How can KS3AP make a difference to you?

Quick questions

What does KS3AP do?

Tracks across KS3 from transition onwards to give your Year 7 pupils a flying start and then accurately measure their progress throughout KS3 (over two years or three), all aligned to Attainment 8 and Progress 8.

Why use KS3AP?

It’s statistically robust, with national benchmarks for all assessments based on impressive pupil numbers. The PT Series (for example) was standardised against a UK sample of over 100,000 pupils, with benchmarks verified every year based on analysis from half a million pupils. PASS was standardised on 600,000 children.

What does KS3AP tell you?

The assessments cover ability, attainment in core subjects, reading, spelling and pupil attitudes.

Tailored, easy to access reports enable you to share results with different audiences, including inspectors and parents.

How do I use KS3AP? 

You can use as many of the assessments within the package as you wish and when you wish.

You can choose between a fully digital administration and a blended paper/digital option.

Who uses KS3AP?

The KS3 Assessment Package is brand new (July 2018), but over a third of all UK secondary schools use CAT4 and over half a million pupils take the Progress Test Series each year, so its components are tried and tested.

Is training available?

An in-school Whole Pupil View Introduction session is included for all KS3AP customers, post-testing training is also available at an additional cost. 

Assessment at Key Stage 3: From levels to validity

“The concern was how we would know if the students were making the same amount of progress as their peers nationally – but we later found that GL Assessment would fill this gap for us.”

Using CAT4 from transition to GCSEs

"We've found kids with amazing potential that we wouldn't have known about without CAT4."

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A thriving middle school with a diverse pupil intake, St Bede's Catholic Middle School (Academy) has chosen our Complete Digital Solution (CDS) to evidence the exceptional progress their pupils make.

Using CAT4 from transition to GCSEs

"We've found kids with amazing potential that we wouldn't have known about without CAT4."