Mapi Research Trust partners with GL Education to enhance Clinical Outcome Assessment resources


5 January 2022 - Mapi Research Trust today announced an enhanced partnership with GL Education, which will now include the licensing of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ), and the distribution of the HADS Manual and GHQ User Guide, for licensees based outside the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands.

GL Education’s expertise in clinical assessments has been gained from decades of working with clinical practitioners and researchers. They publish two majors COAs, the HADS and the GHQ, and this strengthened partnership with Mapi Research Trust will enable researchers to access the original COAs, high-quality translations, manuals and user guides, to accompany COA content licensed from GL Education.

Mapi Research Trust is the largest curator of COAs worldwide. They represent over 670 exclusive COAs on behalf of their respective developers and copyright holders. Mapi Research Trust focuses on ensuring the scientific integrity of COAs through consistent translations and the provision of appropriate context for researchers to use in clinical trials and in clinical practice.

“Mapi Research Trust is committed to the highest standards in clinical trial resources. High-quality supplemental materials for COAs ensure consistency across versions and translations. Reliable user manuals are essential to assure the integrity of COAs and the accuracy of the results they gather. Mapi Research Trust has been successfully collaborating with GL Education for more than a decade for the distribution of GL Education’s COA translations; our new partnership will strengthen the collaboration by ensuring, with a single point of contact through our ePROVIDE™ platform, a quick turnaround time in the licensing and delivery process of the COAs that is expected in our industry, while continuing to ensure that GL Education’s COAs are used consistently and appropriately by research teams,” said Sonia Bothorel, Mapi Research Trust’s Managing Director.

“Mapi Research Trust is a highly regarded specialist organisation in the field of Clinical Outcome Assessments, and we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship since 2005. We are delighted to enter this new enhanced collaboration which will provide time-saving benefits for all customers and end-users alike,” added Amanda Clarke, GL Education’s International Director.

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About Mapi Research Trust

Mapi Research Trust is a non-profit organization founded to promote the use of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) in health research and practice, and encourage exchanges of Patient-Centered Outcomes and COAs information among academics, pharmaceutical companies, health care organizations and health authorities. With the web-based platform ePROVIDE™ that includes the databases PROQOLID™ and PROLabels™, Mapi Research Trust has become the preeminent source of reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive information about COAs. Visit for more information.

About GL Education

Alongside its educational assessment portfolio, GL Education provides reliable screening tools for mental health in clinical, community and educational settings, and its range of assessments are used internationally in clinical trials and research projects. Quick and easy to use, these tests are often the first choice of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, family therapists and social workers.

About the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and General Health Questionnaire

The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale© (HADS) and General Health Questionnaire© (GHQ) are protected worldwide by international copyright laws in all languages, with all rights reserved to GL Assessment, UK. Do not use without permission. For permission to use the HADS or GHQ from a Licensee based in the United Kingdom/Republic of Ireland/Channel Islands, please contact [email protected]. For Licensees based in other countries, please contact the Mapi Research Trust at