GL Education and SAYEGH sign strategic partnership


Leading UK assessment provider, GL Education, has signed a 10-year strategic partnership agreement with SAYEGH, one of the most established and largest educational publishers in the Arab world and owner of the International Arab Baccalaureate Exam Board. The agreement will open the door for GL Education to provide its assessments to Arab world state schools and private schools.

GL Education’s assessments are used by schools in the UK and around the world to understand students’ potential, track their progress and identify any barriers to learning they may have. SAYEGH will now work in partnership with GL Education to ensure that children throughout the Arab world can have access to these assessments in their own language.

CEO, Habib Sayegh, said: “GL Education offers rich, lasting and valuable information to schools and teachers. By adapting and aligning its assessments for Arab schools, we are together taking a ground-breaking step towards the enrichment of education across the region. SAYEGH is proud to be partnering with GL Education in this venture, and we look forward to many years of impactful and innovative collaboration together.”

Greg Watson, Chief Executive of GL Education, said: “We are delighted to be partnering SAYEGH in this strategic and forward-thinking relationship. Both partners bring something truly special to this relationship – SAYEGH has a unique place in the school life of millions of children across the Middle East and North Africa. Together we have the capability to put our benchmarking and diagnostic assessments at the heart of thousands of Arabic-speaking schools.”


Since Khalil Habib Sayegh founded Librairie du Liban, the first SAYEGH Company in 1944, the name Sayegh has been synonymous with the very best that educational publishing can offer. SAYEGH has established itself as the foremost educational publisher in the Middle East, and North Africa, not just in publishing, but also in educational reform. SAYEGH is committed to the advancement of culture and education, through the provision of quality educational content, assessment and professional development to serve learners, educators and future generations.

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About GL Education
GL Education (known in the UK as GL Assessment) has a growing presence in British, bilingual and international schools in over 100 countries worldwide. We also provide assessment services to ministries of education and their agencies.

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