GL Education and Password join forces to help British international schools with their recruitment and admissions processes


15 March 2022 - Global assessment provider, GL Education, has signed a partnership agreement with Password, a respected provider of online English language and maths assessments used by student recruitment and admissions teams at many leading UK independent and international schools. The agreement gives GL Education exclusive rights to market the assessments across the Middle East and Turkey.

Password tests have been specifically developed to assess the proficiency of students that are non-native English speakers. The tests are customisable to allow schools to focus their testing on specific modules in English and maths, should they wish to do so. 
Password’s English language tests are designed and academically managed by CRELLA (the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment), a research group involved in the development and validation of many of the world’s most renowned English language assessments including IELTS and the Cambridge suite. The tests are formally aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the international standard for describing language ability.

Password’s maths tests were developed after extensive consultation with their partner universities, colleges and schools to meet the demand for a predominantly ‘language free’ assessment of mathematical knowledge that would be accessible to international users of English.

Amanda Clarke, International Director, GL Education, says: “Password’s tests are proven to have extremely high levels of accuracy. We’ve been long admirers of the business and the transformational impact they have on helping schools’ admissions teams assess the abilities and needs of EAL students in an efficient and reliable way. When linked to our own New Group Reading Test, the assessments also provide an invaluable resource for schools looking to help students reach their required proficiency levels as quickly as possible.”

Caroline Browne, CEO and founder of Password, says: “We are delighted to be working with GL Education to offer international schools an accurate and reliable test of English language proficiency. Password is proud to have built a unique position in the English language test market, offering hundreds of schools, colleges and universities high quality, accessible online tests, designed and validated by world-leading experts in the field of English language learning and assessment. This new partnership with GL Education builds naturally from our strong presence in the independent sector in the UK and will extend the reach of Password’s expertise to new users, enabling international schools to enhance their EAL offering and improve pupil outcomes.”

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About Password

Since its launch in 2008, hundreds of universities, colleges and schools have formed partnerships with Password to enhance their in-house testing with world leading, CEFR aligned independent assessment. Password tests are easy to set up and operate and run securely in a wide range of environments in over 120 countries around the world. Testing sessions can be arranged wherever and whenever partners require, either by their own staff or by the British Council.
All Password partners enjoy a unique combination of high quality and easily accessible testing operated under their own control and brand.
Password English tests are formally aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR), the international standard for describing language ability.

About GL Education

GL Education is the leading provider of benchmarking, formative and diagnostic assessments to British, bilingual and international schools in over 100 countries worldwide. It also provides assessment services to ministries of education and their agencies.

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