GL Education and Mystudyweb collaborate to support Swedish schools’ approaches to student wellbeing


Global assessment provider, GL Education, has signed a 10-year partnership agreement with Mystudyweb, one of Sweden’s most dynamic and pioneering providers of digital assessments to schools.

The partnership focuses on the growing need for Swedish schools to understand and support children’s attitudes to learning, which can be a significant barrier to learning for students in Sweden and around the world. It will see the roll-out of GL Education’s attitudinal measure, the Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS), which has been adapted into Swedish. The partnership will be launched at Swedish Education and Technology fair, SETT, on 9 - 10 April.

PASS is a standardised, psychometric assessment that allows students to express how they feel about themselves as learners, giving teachers the ability to intervene and ensure all students have a healthy, positive attitude to themselves and their learning. PASS takes just 20 minutes and is crucial for delivering fully rounded pastoral care and supporting student wellbeing.

Greg Watson, Chief Executive of GL Education, says: “While education systems vary widely around the world, some barriers to learning remain the same – and student wellbeing is one of them. As many studies have shown, positive attitudes to learning and student wellbeing are not optional accessories to a successful academic life but essential components of it. PASS helps schools support student wellbeing by giving teachers insights into how students feel about themselves as learners, and we are thrilled to be working with Mystudyweb to bring PASS to Sweden to the benefit of students and schools like.”

Mathias Crona, Chief Executive of MyStudyWeb Sweden AB, says: “We are very pleased to now be able to offer PASS to Swedish schools. The trial phase of PASS showed a high demand from Swedish schools for a standardised psychometric test of high quality, providing feedback on individual level. We are also looking forward to a long-term partnership with such a leading provider of assessments as GL Education and to potentially bring other assessments from GL Education to the Swedish market in the future.”


About PASS

PASS is an all-age attitudinal survey, widely used across primary and secondary schools in the UK and around the world. It was created by educational psychologists and standardised on 600,000 children, ensuring the results are statistically robust in measuring highly subjective and sensitive issues. Almost two million PASS assessments have been completed over the last five years.

About Mystudyweb

Mystudyweb is a pioneering provider of EdTech solutions with proven efficiency to schools in Sweden. The company has successfully introduced the Norwegian assessment tool Kartläggaren to the Swedish market and is also offering its inhouse developed content solution Mystudyweb to a growing number of schools.

About GL Education

GL Education (known in the UK as GL Assessment) has a growing presence in schools in over 100 countries worldwide. The company is now leading the way for digital assessments adapted for local curriculum schools in the Middle East and China, and the adaptation of PASS into Swedish is an indication of the direction GL Education is taking.

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