GL Assessment partners with Wonde to simplify student assessment


GL Assessment has partnered with management information system (MIS) integration specialists,Wonde, to save time for teachers and make it easier for schools to assess students’ learning as they return to the classroom.

The partnership will remove the need to manually key in information such as students’ names, dates of birth and class groups in order to run assessments through GL Assessment’s online testing service, Testwise, saving time for teachers and reducing the risk of errors.

Teachers can log on to the secure Wonde portal, switch on the GL Assessment connection and a CSV file can be automatically created containing the relevant student information from the school’s MIS. The file is then simply uploaded to Testwise and assessment can begin.

There is no charge to schools for using this service and, as part of the agreement, GL Assessment customers who do not currently use Wonde can sign up to this element of the Wonde portal free of charge.

With the Wonde partnership in place, teachers can focus more time on ensuring that no child is disadvantaged by the time they may have spent away from school.

Fazail Quazi, head of data and analytics at Futures Academies, an early adopter of this new service, said: “We are always looking for simple ways to reduce the burden of administration and improve data accuracy across our schools.

“Wonde is easy to set up and being able to get student data from our MIS to Testwise more efficiently means time is freed up for teachers to concentrate on assessing and supporting their students. This gets our recommendation, without reservation.”

In the second phase of the partnership, the data transfer process will be fully automated so that up-to-date student information from a school’s MIS will automatically be shared efficiently and securely with Testwise.

Jon Coleman, co-founder at Wonde, said: “Wonde is thrilled to be working with GL Assessment to help simplify the assessment process for teachers.

“Wonde specialises in providing schools in the UK, Australia and British international schools across the world with a secure way to share data with their suppliers. Both Wonde and GL Assessment have large numbers of schools using their systems and the partnership will play its part in enabling teachers to better support their students.”

Ian Tufts, CTO at GL Assessment, said: “We know how critical it is for schools to be able to assess their students quickly and put measures in place to close gaps in their learning.

“Our partnership with Wonde gives teachers a simple-to-use solution that cuts the time it takes for them to understand what help their students need to make good progress when they return to the classroom.

“We continue to work with innovative partners to develop the technology and tools schools need to cut the burden of administration and change the face of assessment in education.”

Wonde is used by 17,000 UK and British international schools. Wonde integrates with 23 different school management information systems, including Capita SIMS, RM Integris, Scholarpack, Progresso, Facility CMIS, iSAMS, Bromcom, Arbor, Engage, WCBS and Pupil Asset.


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