The challenges of assessing students beyond the current crisis

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9:15 – 10:00 // Using assessment to support a successful transition to Year 7 while engaging students in a rich and rounded curriculum.  

GL Assessment, David Crossley and Lisa Ling from Whole Education share how assessment can be used to support transition with the absence of national data, while giving students an engaging and exciting start to their secondary school curriculum. GL Assessment and school leaders from Cambridge and Cheshire share their own schools’ approaches.

10:15 – 11:00 // Identifying gaps in students’ understanding of key learning concepts in Years 8-13. 

Everyone in education is very conscious that new gaps in learning will emerge during the current crisis. School leaders with responsibility for assessment, GL Assessment and Whole Education share the approaches to most effectively diagnose the gaps for learners and groups of learners that have fallen behind. 

They also share their current understanding of the gaps and groups of learners we are likely to need to focus on beyond the crisis, and give examples of how this can help us design the most appropriate interventions and strategies to close the gaps and deliver outstanding outcomes for all.  

11:15 – 12:00 // Spotlight: Closing the reading gap. 

A key priority for many schools is closing the reading gap. More evidence is emerging about the best approaches to doing this. Hear expert input on why the reading gap matters so much – and why it is likely to have widened (including new student groups) during the past few months. 

Positive solutions will be shared from schools about the work they are doing to close this gap – and how a collaborative approach can help us pilot and share the most effective practice. This will help us focus on this key challenge as well as giving you ideas to close other language gaps that may emerge in your context.  

12:15 – 13:00 // Reengaging students beyond the crisis: how do we ensure students are ready and motivated to learn and succeed after COVID? 

What are the best ways we have of understanding student mindsets and attitudes to learning, tracking how they have changed over this period, and developing strategies to re-acclimatize students to school life? Hear from GL assessment and school leaders across different school contexts. 

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