Teacher Reflections: Using assessment data this term

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This webinar was presented by Stephen Campbell, Deputy Head (Academic), Haileybury School and Karen Wyborn, Deputy Head (Academic), The Hawthorns School; both are GL Assessment Centres of Assessment Excellence. Stephen Campbell has worked at UK boarding school, Haileybury, for three years having previously worked in a variety of different schools including a state school in Bristol and an international school in Malaysia. Karen Wyborn is responsible for teaching and learning from EYFS-Y8, assessment, tracking and analysing data and staff development at The Hawthorns School, a large co-ed prep school in Surrey.   

In this session, both speakers look at coordinated assessment data, with a focus on how they have used this data on the return to school this autumn. Stephen explores how CAT4 data, can be used alongside Progress Test and PASS (Pupil Attitudes to Self and School) data, to gain a greater understanding of pupils, their learning pathways and the support that teachers can offer to them. Karen goes on to discuss her return to school experience this term and how she has used CAT4 data triangulated with other forms of data and teacher assessment to identify any gaps in knowledge or misconceptions to gain the whole picture of every child in their care. 

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