Teacher Reflections: Supporting pupils with SEND on the return to school

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This webinar was presented by Professor Adam Boddison, CEO at  nasen  and Chair of Whole School SEND; Nicky Martin, Inclusion Consultant, North Star Inclusion Advisory Team; and Mark Loveday, Head of Service & Deputy Headteacher, Chadsgrove School. nasen is a partner association of GL Assessment and both North Star and Chadsgrove are Centres of Assessment Excellence. 

In this session, Adam considers the different data sets available to schools and how they can be used to improve the quality of provision for learners with SEND. Particular focus is given to published regional/national data sets, school level data sets and data from formal assessment/diagnostic tools - with the aim of providing participants with a better understanding of how effective assessment and data analysis can inform interventions and strategic decision making.  

Nicky Martin explains how the York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) can be used to identify specific areas of reading difficulty and how this can inform future intervention strategies.Finally, Mark Loveday discusses how standardised assessmentscan be usedtobaselinepupils,unpick difficulties, identify cohort trends and inform intervention. He will also highlight the 'triggers' in core group assessments which warrant further one to one investigation.  

All focus on the specific challenges and experiences they have faced as children have returned to school after their prolonged absence. 

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