A Reading Diagnostic Pathway: How to identify and support pupils with SEND

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In this webinar, you develop your knowledge of using reading assessment data to support early identification of pupils’ needs.

With reading one of the master skills of school, early identification and intervention is key to future success. But how do you support pupils who are not making the expected progress in their reading? What can you change if your targeted interventions aren’t working? Would your school benefit from further guidance to identify specific reading difficulties and help with intervention design? 

Emma Dibden discusses how diagnostic reading assessments can identify specific difficulties and pinpoint next steps to close the reading gap in both primary and secondary aged children. 


About the presenter: Emma Dibden

Before joining GL Assessment, Emma taught for over 20 years in primary schools across the UK as a class teacher and intervention lead. More recently, Emma was an Inclusion Manager and SENCo across two highly regarded schools in Dubai and more recently in a UK state school. Emma is passionate about supporting the whole child and values the important role that data plays in developing an understanding of a students’ strengths and challenges.  

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