Case Studies

Discover how schools like yours have used our assessments to better understand their pupils and inform differentiated teaching and learning.

Case Study

Using PASS to support student wellbeing

“PASS has given us a good indication about where their barriers might be – and big barriers are their self-regard as a learner and perceived learning capability.”

Case Study

Portobello High School, Edinburgh

"Kirkland Rowell Surveys have empowered our school community by providing an insight into the issues of importance to our stakeholders and offering a useful comparison with other schools in Scotland."

Case Study

Empowering every child at Priestnall School with Exact

Identifying students entitled to additional access arrangements in their exams, and supporting applications

Case Study

Preparing for the new GCSEs at Hinchingbrooke School

With the removal of national curriculum levels and the introduction of new GCSEs, secondary schools need to reconsider their approach to assessment from Year 7 onwards

Case Study

SEN Assessment Toolkit: Supporting every child to reach their potential at North Walsall Primary Academy

With a high number of EAL and SEN learners, North Walsall Primary Academy is helping to break down language barriers and identify additional needs

Case Study

Using NGRT to measure the impact of school improvement

Using assessment to proactively plan skill development across all subjects and underpinning skills that are limiting pupils’ attainment at GCSE as early as possible

Case Study

Using NGRT adaptive tests to improve Reading Comprehension Skills in line with the Literacy Framework

Using CDS to identify, evidence and evaluate the progress that pupils are making with key Literacy and Numeracy skills

Case Study

Cippenham Primary School

Using the Complete Digital Solution and Sandwell Early Numeracy Test to help children aim higher in maths

Case Study

CDS: Setting high standards at Westfield Community School

How Westfield Community School is using the Complete Digital Solution to support teacher judgements without creating additional work

Case Study

Lucid Exact: Helping students of the Outwood Grange Academies Trust reach their full potential

Using Lucid Exact to test students’ reading comprehension, reading speed and spelling to see whether a student might need access arrangements for their exams