NGRT The Key Data you Need for Transition Back to School

NGRT The Key Data you Need for Transition Back to School

Tuesday 06 October, 11:00 - 12:00

In this webinar, our GL Assessment data expert explores your immediate needs on transitioning back to school and how the New Group Reading Test, (NGRT) can help you address them.

  • Supporting you in using the NGRT data to quickly assess gaps in pupils’ reading and those needing extra support.
  • Understanding the reports to provide you with individual, key group and cohort analysis with national benchmarks.


  • Details of the test format including sentence completion (i.e. vocabulary), passage comprehension, phonics with examples
  • The data: SAS, and reading ages and stanine discrepancies for sentence completion / passage comprehension
  • Whole school / year group / key group analysis to understand patterns or trends.

If you are new to the New Group Reading Test, (NGRT) don’t worry as we will also look at exactly what NGRT is and how, as a standardised assessment, you can have confidence in the nationally representative data it provides.


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