CAT4: The key data you need for transition back to school

CAT4: The key data you need for transition back to school

Tuesday 15 September, 16:00 - 16:45

In this first in a pair of webinars, one of our experts explore your immediate needs on transitioning back to school and how CAT4 can help you address them. 

Supporting Transition & Learning: 

  • CAT4 will provide you a consistent baseline on the return to school, through the provision of retrospective Key Stage 2 indicators, 9-1 GCSE indicators, A level indicators and insights into students’ reasoning abilities. 
  • Together, these give a broad and accurate overview of your students, their potential and how they learn.  
  • CAT4 scores can help you identify which students will need more general support in certain subjects with relative weaknesses being magnified by lost learning, making it even harder to catch up. 

Our expert identifies the areas of the reports to focus on and demonstrate most effective use of the data to support the issues. 

If you are new to the CAT4 and ability testing don’t worry as our expert looks at exactly what CAT4 is, and how as a standardised assessment, you can have confidence in the nationally representative data it provides. 

In the second of this pair of webinars, Getting more from your data’ we will go into further depth and look at the added value that CAT4 can offer once the immediate issues are resolved. 


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