Working with state schools around the world

Governments looking to improve their global position are increasingly recognising the value and importance of formative assessments administered before and during learning, rather than just final examinations.

We are putting over 40 years of experience into helping governments meet these aims using assessments built on the best academic research, extensive trialling, and a powerful and easy-to-use digital assessment system.

Carefully chosen local partners also help us adapt and localise our assessments for you, too, ensuring you and your schools receive the greatest benefit from the data we provide.

Excellent assessments like CAT4 can drive the reform of primary and secondary education in China, opening a new chapter for education in the 21st century.

How we can help

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  • Working with partners

    We work with local partners that help us adapt and localise our assessments for different cultures – on the local time zone, in the local language. Our collaborations include prestigious partners in China, the Middle East and Sweden. Contact us if you are interested in becoming one of our partners.
  • Adapting our assessments

    We have adapted CAT4 into Arabic (for use in government schools across the Middle East and North Africa) and Chinese (endorsed by the National Institute of Education Sciences China Future School Lab). We have also adapted PASS into Swedish, and we are happy to discuss adaptations for other areas.
  • Providing relevant and accurate data

    To be effective, assessment data must be relevant and accurate for the required purpose - whether this is to measure and monitor progress, to support student wellbeing and engagement, or to enable more personalised teaching and learning for every student. This is what we do.
  • Measuring impact

    Our assessments give teachers, schools and education systems concrete insights into what is working well, pinpoint areas for improvement, and measure the impact of any action taken to address those areas. All of this is vital for the successful implementation of national reform programmes.
  • Easy-to-interpret reports

    Our reports are skilfully designed to help you and the schools in your country make quick and effective use of the data we generate.