Wellbeing and SEND

Our pastoral survey and range of SEND assessments can help you pinpoint and tackle issues that may affect learning.
How can we help
  • Build a clear picture of how students feel about themselves and their school, and put in place interventions - Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS), Emotional Literacy
  • Diagnostic reading pathways give detailed advice on how to further support students with reading difficulties - assessments include the York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC), British Picture Vocabulary Scale (BPVS)
  • Screen students to identify and support those with dyslexic tendencies - Online Dyslexia Screeners
  • Wide range of assessments covering areas including Dyscalculia and working memory - our Lucid range of assessments
  • Help build a picture of teacher wellbeing and staff morale - Kirkland Rowell Surveys
PASS has shone a light on some of the non-curricular areas that can have a direct impact on learning.

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