Progress Test in English

The Progress Test in English provides practical, reliable and independent snapshots in English attainment, which can be used to baseline and then to measure in year or year-on-year progress. Reports are set against national averages so you can reliably compare your results with those of students across the country.

Launched in 2022 – Form B offers greater flexibility and choice:

  • New set of questions for each level – Form B provides an alternative test for schools who have previously used PT Series on a regular basis
  • Measure the summer dip – Form B (Autumn) is a resit of Form A (Summer), so the same test with different questions

  • Allows you to have two in-year tests - one at the beginning of September and another in the summer. Ideal for measuring progress pupils have made during their time in your classroom.
We like the fact we can get question-by-question feedback so we know which areas are tripping children up.