Using NGRT in primary schools

A fully adaptive, standardised, termly reading assessment.

Developing early literacy and reading skills in primary school are fundamental to a pupil's ability to access the curriculum, and these skills also impact future outcomes of achievement. The New Group Reading Test (NGRT) is a standardised, termly assessment that reliably measures reading skills against the national average to help you get to the root of any problems precisely and quickly.

NGRT provides information about sentence completion and comprehension skills allowing you to identify where difficulties lie. Being a termly assessment, NGRT allows for regular monitoring of reading progress and measuring the impact of interventions. A pupil’s reading ability can also be benchmarked against the national average using the Standardised Age Score (SAS).

The assessment is adaptive - questions are automatically presented based on a pupil’s ability as they complete them, so more able pupils can be challenged while weaker readers are kept engaged.

Analyse the results of NGRT to identify strengths that can be further developed as well as areas that require improvement, allowing you to develop your curriculum and start the process of creating a personalised reading intervention plan, if necessary.

This page provides information on NGRT tailored to primary schools.

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