Middle Infant Screening

Middle Infant Screening Test

Identify early literacy difficulties using MIST and actively involve parents in recovery with the Forward Together programme.

This comprehensive screening, diagnostic and recovery package for children aged 5 – 6 focuses on reading, writing and listening skills, and engages parents to help their children get back on track.

Use the Middle Infant Screening Test to assess your whole class in a child-friendly, untimed test, before beginning the Forward Together programme with the children identified as likely to benefit. The programme lasts from eight to 12 weeks and can be used with groups of up to eight pupils to bring their skill levels up to that of their classmates, raising confidence and self-esteem.

Each pupil works through the Forward Together activity sheets at home with the help of a parent, or in school with learning support staff. Weekly meetings support parents to help their children in the areas highlighted.

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