Independent School Assessment Package

Three ready-made assessment packages tailored to the needs of every Independent school at every phase - Pre-prep, Prep and Senior.

These packages focus on supporting the whole child throughout their time at school.  

All are designed to benchmark your students accurately and then measure their progress, as well as screen for hidden potential and for barriers to learning as varied as dyslexia and low self-esteem. All of the assessments included are standardised so you can compare your data with that from similar schools, and with the state equivalent. 

Pre-Prep: Build an early accurate, objective picture of your new students’ abilities so you can start developing their strengths and addressing any areas for development, with interventions and classroom strategies to act on the data. 

Prep: Ensure your students are making the right progress through this phase and performing to the best of their abilities. This package also helps you to establish a baseline for the next school stage. Some reports include Key Stage 2 indicators to give a comparison of performance with the state sector. 

Senior: Provides a clear baseline at the start of Senior school with clear tracking at every year group to help ensure students stay on course to achieving qualifications which reflect their true abilities. This package also helps you to screen and make applications for students entitled to additional exam access arrangements and our Value Added service (in conjunction with Fischer Family Trust) compares CAT4 data and GCSE results to give a quantifiable measure of the impact your school’s teaching has had on its students. 

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