Family Relations

Family Relations Test

Gives an objective indication of feelings and emotions a child has towards family members.

The child is shown 21 figures of various ages, shapes and sizes and chooses representatives of their family members and significant individuals. Each figure contains a ‘posting box’ through which the child posts ‘messages’ expressing an emotion or behaviour that best describes their relationship, including an estimate of reciprocal regard. Each message is defined by valency (positive or negative), strength (mild or strong) and direction (outgoing or incoming).  

This unique format enables the gathering of subjective information from children and teenagers who are either developmentally or clinically incapable of being objective about themselves, or are reluctant to share such information, or who find it difficult to express themselves. 

The test can also reveal previously undetected feelings and highlight relationships that may need further investigation. 

The assessment can be used with children aged 3 – 7 years (if the therapist decides it is applicable to the child) and 7 – 17 years. 

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