Dyscalculia Screener and Dyscalculia Guidance

An initial screener for teachers concerned about a pupil’s numeracy progress and skills application.

Screen small groups or individual pupils who show difficulty with numbers and arithmetic calculation using standardised assessment that ensures accurate benchmarks.

Gauge pupils’ abilities to understand number size, and simple addition and multiplication. Strengths and challenges are revealed, with Standard Age Scores provided.

Activities and strategies to support learners following the screener are available via the Dyscalculia Guidance Handbook (available to purchase separately). Activities, which include photocopiable materials, are based on real classroom experiences and grouped into specific areas of mathematics. This helps you structure teaching plans, building knowledge vital for pupils’ progress, covering each education stage, from pre-school through to university.

Dyscalculia Screener and Dyscalculia Guidance FAQs

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