Admissions Assessments

Admissions for state and independent schools

We offer bespoke admissions tests for schools, local authorities or school groups which can cover all or a combination of verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, English and maths. All tests contain our extensively trialled questions and vary in length from 30 minutes upwards. 

Why GL Assessment?

  • We are the largest provider of 11+ tests to grammar and independent schools in England, working with the biggest groups and authorities in the country including Kent, Buckinghamshire and Lincolnshire. We deliver over 300,000 test papers each year  
  • Our tests are constructed to ensure validity for the purpose required, with annual changes to reduce predictability. We trial new test questions each year to ensure our assessments remain as accurate and robust as possible 
  • We provide 10 hours of free familiarisation materials so all candidates can practise a range of question types and become familiar with test appearance  
  • We provide you with individual account manager support so your testing period runs smoothly and a scoring service or our new custom-built Quartz software (which enables you to quickly and accurately mark at your own school) 
  • With the RNIB, we have developed guidelines on the production and administration of 11+ tests for children with vision impairment for teaching and admissions staff and Educational Psychologists. Please refer to the experiences and guidance from Kent County Council case study that accompanies these guidelines. 

Our Support Promise