The perfect platform to develop essential reading skills

myON is a cross-curricular teaching and learning tool that is designed to help students acquire the essential reading skills they need to become fluent readers. It provides an easy way to ensure these skills – such as nuance, inference, deduction and vocabulary acquisition – are practised in real time in the classroom and then developed further at home, helping students to become skilled and confident readers.

What is myON?

myON is based on a digital library of over 7,000 high-quality, culturally diverse texts that are tailored to specific age groups and a range of reading abilities. This ensures all students are catered for, regardless of where they are on their reading journey.

Central to myON is a range of teaching and learning activities that help teachers to model, clarify, summarise and interrogate texts with their students. The breadth of titles also removes the burden of finding high quality reading materials for subjects across the curriculum. They’re there at the touch of a button.

myON offers the ideal next step to the teaching and learning recommendations provided by the New Group Reading Test (NGRT). While NGRT provides you with an understanding of need, myON provides you with the tools to help students develop their reading and wider literacy skills.

How can myON benefit your school?

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Overall, the adoption of myON has made reading more accessible for all students and has contributed to the school’s strong and sustained whole-school reading culture.