Centres of Assessment Excellence

A growing number of schools are working with us as part of our Centres of Assessment Excellence programme to deliver a whole-pupil approach to assessment.

Centres of Assessment Excellence will use our assessments to gain a complete understanding of each individual learner’s needs including attitude, ability and attainment. This allows teachers to make informed teaching and learning decisions and to track progress effectively over time. It also provides evidence of progress to Ofsted and key stakeholders such as parents and governors.

Why become a Centre of Assessment Excellence:

Centres of Assessment Excellence ensure the best possible outcomes for pupils. Schools can join our network of partners and share experiences and learn from others. They support schools in their surrounding area to develop good assessment practice that can contribute to raising standards.

Our current Centres of Assessment Excellence:

We are pleased to be working in partnership with the following schools:

Why join our Centre of Assessment Excellence programme:

We invite you to join this network to share experiences and learn from others, and support schools in your area to develop good assessment practice that can contribute to raising education standards. You can work with us to support the delivery of events and workshops, provide case studies and testimonials, and contribute to research and development at GL Assessment depending on the level of support you are able to provide.

Centres of Assessment Excellence programme tiers:

There are four tiers that you can choose from depending on the features and benefits that are most appealing to you:

  1. Centre of Assessment Excellence
  2. GL Advocate Partner
  3. GL Training Partner
  4. GL Training Venue

How to take part:

To nominate your school, please download and complete a copy of our nomination form (Right-click and 'Save Target as...') and e-mail this to GLTraining@gl-assessment.co.uk.

You will need to select your chosen tier level and explain your reasoning for this which will be reviewed by our team who will then contact you in due course.