CoPS is the best way to solve the problem of identifying dyslexia...and the best way to prevent pupils from developing reading and writing difficulties.
Karin Ohlis, Specialist Teacher, ReLS, Bollnäs, Sweden

Lucid CoPS Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 4-8 Years
  • Suitable for: Teachers, Assessment Co-ordinators and SENCOs
  • Test duration: 45 minutes
  • Test format: Digital

Lucid CoPS

CoPS is a leading assessment system for children aged 4-8., and is currently used by over 6,000 schools in the UK and around the world. CoPS can help teachers identify dyslexia and many other cognitive difficulties that can interfere with children’s learning.

CoPS comprises nine tests of fundamental cognitive skills that underpin learning. Each test is presented as an attractive and enjoyable game that takes about five minutes. Results, in the form of graphical profiles and individual response records, clearly show children's strengths and weaknesses in comparison with national norms. Percentiles, standard scores and age equivalent scores are provided. By understanding the child's strengths and weaknesses, potential problems can be spotted at an early stage, and appropriate learning and teaching intervention strategies can be put in place, with the help of the comprehensive manual.

CoPS assesses:

  • Phonological awareness
  • Phoneme discrimination
  • Auditory short-term memory
  • Visual short-term memory
  • Visual and verbal sequencing

Dyslexia and labelling
Many teachers are uneasy about applying labels at an early age. Instead, CoPS enables you to understand the cognitive limitations that lie behind dyslexia, and to tackle these directly without needing to be concerned about labels. Read our report ‘Hooked on labels not on need’.

Cognitive Abilities Test

Identify a pupil's developed abilities and likely academic potential

Complete Digital Solution

Build an accurate picture of each child with our integrated digital solution

Progress Test Series

Measure pupil progress in English, maths and science

New Group Reading Test

Monitor reading and comprehension skills and determine reading age