Your training journey


Your training journey

We provide a comprehensive package of training and support to all customers. Depending on your assessment package, face-to-face training may be available at an additional cost.

Please contact the Training team at or 0208 996 3624 to discuss what is available for you.




Getting to know your assessments
TestingUnderstanding the data

Below is a list of the sessions available and a guide as to the audience type that the material would best suit:

Type of training

Data managers

Classroom teachers

Middle leaders

Senior leaders

Whole Pupil View introduction



Single Assessment Introduction



E-learning support videos

✔ (Testwise only)

✔ (all)

✔ (all)


Assessment Workshops


Whole Pupil View A&I workshop


Getting to know your assessments

Testwise and TRS training

Our Testwise training will cover logging in, adding students, creating sittings and downloading reports on the Digital Testing Platform. If you are a paper test user we can provide TRS training by showing you how to access your reports.

We also have short videos and a comprehensive user guide available here.

Whole Pupil View (or individual assessment) introduction

A session to introduce the Whole Pupil View and the suite of assessments that create it, from what the assessments are to what they can do to support and enhance your work with your students.


Online webinars

Free access to customer support seminars and webinars - click here to access.

E-learning support videos

Bite sized modules covering all aspects of the assessments from basic administration, to the format of reporting) - click here to access.

Understanding the data

Regional Assessment Workshops

The two-hour interactive session is designed to best support you in making the very best use of the assessment data for the benefit of your learners.

You will look at your data as a GL Assessment trainer takes you through the use of this to help you with the major issues facing you and your learners.

“As part of the CDS package I attended four twilight sessions to develop my understanding of what the different tests were and how to interpret the data. These training sessions were invaluable in implementing the assessments across our school. The training sessions were a great networking tool and through contacts made I visited other schools to see how they used CDS and interpreted data.

Following the training sessions, I ran internal CPD sessions based on the case studies I had used and a GL Assessment trainer came in and conducted a whole staff training. The support we have received has been fantastic.”
Karen Wyborn, Director of Studies, The Hawthorns School

Click here for more information and to register your interest for our public workshops in England and Wales. Contact us if you wish to discuss booking your own in-house version for your school or group of schools. 

Whole Pupil View Analysis & Interpretation workshop

Alongside our Regional Assessment Workshops we have introduced the Whole Pupil View Analysis & Interpretation workshop. Lasting up to four hours (half day) and using your own data brought to the session, a selection of students are chosen by you and their data is plotted onto a pupil profile. Using this and your teacher judgement you can build a holistic view of that particular set of students and encourages you to think about specific interventions that may prove useful for a child with that data set.



For more information on any of these options, please contact the Training team at or 0208 996 3624.