Your training journey


Your training journey

We provide a comprehensive package of training and support to all customers. Depending on your assessment package, face-to-face training may be available at an additional cost.

Please contact the Training team at or 0208 996 3624 to discuss what is available for you.

Getting to know your assessments
TestingUnderstanding the data

Getting to know your assessments

Testwise and TRS training

Our Testwise training will cover logging in, adding students, creating sittings and downloading reports on the Digital Testing Platform. If you are a paper test user we can provide TRS training by showing you how to access your reports.

We also have short videos and a comprehensive user guide available here.

Whole Pupil View (or individual assessment) introduction

A session to introduce the Whole Pupil View and the suite of assessments that create it, from what the assessments are to what they can do to support and enhance your work with your students.


Online webinars

Free access to customer support seminars and webinars - click here to access.

E-learning support videos

Bite sized modules covering all aspects of the assessments from basic administration, to the format of reporting) - click here to access.

Understanding the data

Regional Assessment Workshops

NEW 2 hour modules focussing on CAT4, Progress Test Series, NGRT (& NGST coming soon), PASS, KR Surveys - click here for more information and to book places.

Whole Pupil View Analysis & Interpretation workshop

Alongside our Regional Assessment Workshops we have introduced the Whole Pupil View Analysis & Interpretation workshop. Lasting up to four hours (half day) and using your own data brought to the session, a selection of students are chosen by you and their data is plotted onto a pupil profile. Using this and your teacher judgement you can build a holistic view of that particular set of students and encourages you to think about specific interventions that may prove useful for a child with that data set.

Reports required:

  • CAT4 Group Report for Teachers (Just the main table of results showing scores in the four CAT batteries)
    And sets of these reports just for their chosen individual students, you can choose up to 8 of their students to reference in the session.
  • CAT4 Individual Student Report for Teachers
  • PTM Individual Student Report for Teachers
  • PTE Individual Student Report for Teachers
  • NGRT Individual Student Report
  • Combination Report for CAT 4 with PTE & PTM
  • PASS Survey Report for Individuals

Groups under 8 attendees will work alone on one chosen student (groups of up to 4 attendees two students) and each attendee will need a full set of the reports mentioned above on their student(s).

Groups of 8 to 16 attendees will work in pairs on their chosen student and will need 2 copies of the reports for that chosen student.

Cluster report training

This session aims to support Multi-Academy Trusts, groups and clusters in understanding what is available in the cross customer report, the data included and possible Trust implications.



For more information on any of these options, please contact the Training team at or 0208 996 3624.