Testwise is being upgraded

Testwise, our online testing platform, is being upgraded and will be unavailable from 17:00 (GMT) on Thursday 30 March until 08:30 (GMT) on Tuesday 4 April.

Why are we upgrading Testwise?

We are upgrading Testwise to provide you with a more efficient testing process. The new, significantly improved platform is easier to use and saves you hours of administration time. It gives you more flexibility when it comes to choosing which levels you would like to use, allows you to control the assessment start time ensuring all pupils start at the same time, enables you to customise reports that group pupils in a way that makes sense to you, and more.

Here's a sneak peak of the upgraded Testwise with all its new features and how this will benefit you: 

What's new?

Single pupil records
After the upgrade, there will be no need to create a pupil record for every assessment administered. Instead, you will have one record for each pupil which can be used across multiple assessments. In addition to this, the new custom fields give you the option of adding in your own school data for each pupil, as well as ethnicity and SEN. So when it comes to grouping your pupils, you can do so in a way that makes more sense to you.

Multiple user accounts
You will be able to create multiple administrative user accounts for a single school account. This enables you to control the access rights for different users.

Pupil access
Each pupil will have their own 8-digit Access Code for each assessment they are allocated, making it simple for younger children to enter the code themselves. The Access Code replaces the current process of identifying the Register ID and Password from a list. You also have more control over the start of an assessment so that all pupils can start at the same time. This also takes up less admin time than the current version. See FAQs below. 

Choice in which levels to choose
Instead of deciding which levels you would like to test with prior to purchasing, a new ‘Services’ section enables you to use your credits across all levels of assessment.

Tablet delivery  
Whilst the Baseline assessments have been redeveloped to make the 1-2-1 administration process more efficient, CAT4 and PASS have now also been optimised for use on a tablet. Over the course of 2017, we will be migrating more products over to tablet format.

What do I need to do before 30 March?

So that you can continue to access your data, you will need to:

  • Ensure any reports that have already been created are downloaded before the start of the upgrade. If not, the reports will need to be created again when logging into the upgraded platform
  • Ensure all assessments you have already started are completed before the start of the upgrade. Only results from assessments that have been fully completed will be migrated over to the new platform. For example. if you are using CAT4, all 4 batteries of assessments will need to be completed in order for a student's results to be migrated. However, partially completed Baseline assessments will be migrated – this is the only assessment where this rule applies
  • Not all assessments will be migrated over. As a result, reports that you would like to keep must be created and downloaded before the upgrade. For example, if you are a CAT3 customer, all CAT3 reports you would like to keep will need to be created and downloaded as CAT3 will not be migrated over. Click here for a full list assessments which will not be available on the upgraded platform


If you have any queries, please email our Support Team at support@gl-assessment.co.uk or call +44 (0)330 123 5375.

After 4 April, we will have extended support hours to ensure our Technical Support Team are on hand to help you with any queries. Click here to see the extended hours. 

Ready for the upgraded Testwise?

Watch our support videos to see how to get started.


The current version of Testwise has been available for nearly eight years. In that time, the way that schools use our digital assessments has changed – for example, many schools would like to be able to administer tests using iPads or Android tablets – and the new platform will make it easier for us to support this in the future.

Additionally, as the number of digital tests available has also increased significantly in those eight years, and for many schools the need to copy data for the same student across multiple registers had become a lengthy administrative task. By replacing the registers with one central student record we have been able to greatly reduce the amount of administrative time needed for schools that use a number of our assessments.  

Your previously generated report files (pdf, excel etc.) will not be available to preview or download, however, you can regenerate any reports you did not manage to download before the 30 March by following the instructions below:


No – this is a full system upgrade during which all customer accounts and data will be migrated to the new platform.

No – the previous 5 years’ worth of data is being migrated to the new platform. This will allow you to generate reports on your historic data as well as generating progress reports that include data from previous academic years.

Please note: so you can continue to access your data, you will need to ensure all partially completed assessments are completed before 30 March.

We are in the process of ensuring all digital products are tablet compatible. In January both CAT4 and PASS can be taken on a tablet. Throughout 2017 we will be adapting other digital products for tablet, most notably; NGRT, PTM and PTE.

We have developed a new help site – https://help.testingforschools.com/ – that all schools can access before and after the upgrade that provides introductory videos and step-by-step guides to the platform.

We are confident that this site will provide existing Testwise users all the information they need to be able to use the new platform.

If you have a particular question about the new platform after the upgrade, then our Technical Support team will be able to help. They can be contacted in the following ways:

support@gl-assessment.co.uk or call +44 (0)3301235375 

Yes - We have created instructions that pupils can use to access the online tests. These can also be exported to PDF by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. 


No – after the upgrade is complete the current key admin user will be sent a reset password email. The email will contain a reset password link. Upon clicking this link, you will be asked to set a new password. Once a new password has been created you will be granted access to the system. Other school users can be created by following these instructions: https://help.testingforschools.com/display/HOH/Create+Users

To log into the system, all users will be required to enter their email address (which is the account that the reset password email has been sent to) and the password they set during the user activation process. Please see our help site for more details:



If a user has forgotten their password any School Admin user can reset the user password by following the instructions below:


No - this process will be much quicker for you. 

Student login process

Current process

New process

Access: www.testingforschools.com [CustomerID]

Access: www.testingforschools.com

Select ‘Take a test or complete a survey’

Enter access code

Enter the Register ID

Click ‘Start Test’

Search and select student name


Click ‘View tests’


Enter Password (optional)


Click ‘Take Now’


Lucid products will not be available on the new platform from February, however, we are looking to integrate the Lucid product portfolio into the new platform in the near future.

PiM and PiE data is being migrated so you will be able to generate PiM and PiE reports, however, you will no longer be able to administer PiM and PiE digital tests.

New editions of the Progress Test Series are now available and can be administered on the new platform. The new editions respect the legacy of its predecessor (Progress in Maths, PiM and Progress in English, PiE) while providing brand new content relevant to the UK Curricula, including the new English national curriculum and a new standardisation. Please see the links below for further information:



We took the decision not to migrate any CAT3 results because the product has now been withdrawn for over 12 months, and unlike PiM and PiE, data from CAT3 cannot be used in any Combination reports. We also wanted to ensure that for most customers the data that we migrated into the new central student area would be relevant and useful to minimise the amount of achiving that each school would have to undertake to remove student records that they no longer want to view.