Online Testing Support

Introduction to Testwise online testing demonstration

If you have recently purchased, or are interested in purchasing, our Testwise online testing service, GL Assessment offer a WebEx e-meeting demonstration to run through the set up, use of the Testwise platform and its tests. This WebEx e-meeting demonstration is not mandatory, but other schools who are new to online testing have found it useful.

Initially, we recommend you check how your IT systems are likely to perform against our Testwise testing platform. There are two links that can be used to assist in this process:

  • Interactive System Check – gives an almost immediate ‘readout’ of machine compatibility with Testwise
  • Check your setup - a printable PDF that lists the minimum technical specification of machines expected to be used for testing on Testwise

To access all of our support documents, take a look at our Testwise help and guidance notes.

Testwise Technical Support
If you are having any technical difficulties with your online testing platform, please call +44 (0)330 123 5375 or email

The benefits of online testing

  • Continuity of assessment – GL Assessment’s digital tests have been fully equated to the equivalent paper-based tests, allowing you to maintain continuity of assessment
  • Reduced administration - Digital delivery provides greater flexibility and removes the burden of test administration, as all practice, instructions and timings are computer administered
  • Automatic scoring - Results are delivered at the touch of a button, significantly reducing teachers and practitioners workloads – fast feedback is motivating for pupils, too!
  • Instant diagnostic reports - Detailed reports, delivered straight to your desktop, enable you to analyse results with ease and integrate them into your school's Management Information System. These will help you tailor your teaching to meet the individual needs of every child
  • Parent/carer reports - Comprehensive parent/carer reports are available for some assessments, designed to help support your communication with parents and carers both before and after their children have been assessed
  • Group, School and Local Authority reports - These reports offer a convenient way of assimilating and storing the results for groups of learners at class, school and Local Authority level
  • Improved network functionality - Central access to the tests and reports as Testwise can be accessed online from any location where there is internet access
  • Increased pupil motivation - Pupils often find the digital test experience more motivating and less daunting than paper tests as digital assessments are more colourful than paper tests and they feel fun and less formal
  • A comprehensive measure of progress - Testwise tracks a pupil's progress within or across subjects, tracks year-on-year performance and provides comparison of performance against nationally standardised data.

Change your password

Click the edit icon to the right of your password on the ‘Profile’ menu. Enter your Current Password, followed by your New Password and then re-type your new password in the last field.

I've forgotten my Testwise Customer ID

Candidates should be supplied with their Customer ID by the account Administrator.

Administrators unsure of the Customer ID can be reminded via email by clicking the ‘Forgotten
your Customer ID?’ link.

I've forgotten my Testwise email

If you cannot find this email address you will need to contact Testwise customer support for assistance.

I've forgotten my Testwise password

Click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link on the login form.

Enter your Email and click OK. If the Email is recognised, an email will be sent to your registered
email addresses containing instructions on how to reset your password.

Accessing the administrator section and setting your password

When your account is set up we will send you an email containing a link. Following the link will take
you to a web page which will allow you to set a password for your account.

The ‘Set Your Password’ form is only accessible by following valid links from emails sent to your
registered account inviting you to set or reset your password.

Adding students individually

Clicking the Add button at the top left of the register will display the ‘Add Student’ dialog. All parameters you can see above must be entered; however any information in the Additional tab is not mandatory. Once you’ve added your student details, click OK. You will then see them appear in the register.

Adding students by csv import

Clicking the Import button at the top left of the register will launch a new browser window that will allow you to upload .csv files containing student details. Click the Upload files button and browse for your .csv file to upload the students.

Generating a report

To generate a report, log in to the administrator page and go to the assessment’s register. Select all the students that you wish to include in the report. Next, click on the Report tab on the right.

Setting up your Testwise account

Play the Prezi to see how you can set up your Testwise account.