Top tips on transition by Julie McCulloch

Julie McCulloch gives her top tips for helping your Year 7’s get through transition unscathed.

Assessing students with English as an additional language by Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson talks about the different approaches to assessing students with EAL.

Using computerised assessment with SEND children by Jo Horne

Jo Horne explores the advantages and disadvantages of using computerised assessments with special educational needs (SEND) children.

How to roadmap Progress 8 success by Andy Dalton-Bunker

Andy Dalton-Bunker advises how to ensure vulnerable students are on track to achieve their Attainment 8 expectations.

Girls with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties by John Galloway

John Galloway discusses how we can identify and support girls with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Five questions about Progress 8 by Duncan Baldwin

Duncan Baldwin discusses the pros and cons of Progress 8 and asks what we should be doing about it.

How do we support the ‘Hard to Spot’? by Matthew Savage

Matthew Savage answers the question to what extent can a child’s attitudes to learning be measurably improved?

The use of diagnostic labels by Poppy Ionides

Educational Psychologist Poppy Ionides discusses the purpose – and flaws – of SEN labels.

Identifying hard to spot pupils by Daisy Christodoulou

Daisy Christodoulou discusses ‘hard to spot’ pupils, looking at how we can identify and support them.

Who gets missed? by Greg Watson

Greg Watson asks the question identify those who, often down to a simple barrier to learning, are not being helped to achieve all they are capable of?


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