Progress 8: New value added measure for schools in England

Schools in England are now assessed using the Progress 8 measure, generated using data on the attainment of students.

The final ‘Attainment 8’ scores of students, based on their achievement in EBacc and other GCSE subjects will be compared against their estimated Attainment 8. This will give an individual Progress 8 score for each student, expressed as a positive or negative number with a positive representing a better than expected performance.


The Progress 8 scores of students will then be taken to provide an average Progress 8 score for the school that will act as a measure of performance, replacing the current 'expected progress' measure.


Progress 8 Measure Example

Qualification Grade Points Included Total points
GCSE English Language A 7 Yes (doubled) 14
GCSE Maths B 6 Yes (doubled) 12
GCSE French B 6 Yes 6
GCSE Core Science C 5 Yes 5
GCSE History C 5 Yes 5
GCSE English Literature B 6 Yes 6
GCSE Geography C 5 Yes 5
GCSE Art C 5 Yes 5
GCSE Spanish E 3 No 0
Attainment 8 score       58
Progress 8 score       4

A student's Progress 8 score is the difference between their actual Attainment 8 score and their estimated Attainment 8 score divided by 10. The estimated Attainment 8 score is the average Attainment 8score of all students nationally with the same prior attainment at key stage 2 (KS2).

If this student's KS2 score was 5, their estimated Attainment 8 score would be 54. Their Progress 8 score is 0.4 (58-54/10).


How will Progress 8 impact upon your school? What measures will you have to take to prepare for it? What role can assessment play in preparing for Progress 8?

These are all questions that schools are dealing with right now, and they are all questions that we want to help you answer

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