Due Diligence is a critical process to understand key information about an academy/Trust before a formal partnership is formed. One of the key elements of the process is around understanding the achievement levels of students and to gain an overview of attendance, attainment and the progress of students within the schools. Our new Due Diligence Digital Assessment Solution provides Trusts and academies with a snapshot of a standard reading age and attitudes to learning within an hour. The Solution includes our digital assessments; New Group Reading Test (NGRT) and Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS)  survey.


These easy to administer assessments provide you with instant clear reports and analysis and enable a Trust to quickly understand the standard reading age and attitudes towards learning of students in the school. This allows a Trust to triangulate this data with National attainment information and their own teacher judgement to provide a whole school view of how their students are progressing.

Why should you use the Due Diligence Digital Assessment Solution?

· To gain an insight into current attainment and attitudes against national benchmarks
· To provide an indication of where the most focus is required when adopting a new school
· As a starting point for discussions with a new school on key areas for improvement at class and pupil level
· It is a robust national measure of impact of the trust over time
· Quick and easy to administer
· Instant reports for analysis