The 11+ Series

Help your child get a head start with guidance and authentic practice


From the authors of the 11+ test


Provides comprehensive guidance and support for children and parents


Builds confidence in children before taking the actual 11+ test

11+ Quick Reference Guide
  • Age range: 9-11 Years
  • Suitable for: Teachers
  • Test duration: Untimed
  • Test format: Paper

The Official 11+ Series

The Official 11+ Series offers the most authoritative guidance and authentic practice available for the 11+.

To help your child get a head start in the 11+, GL Assessment have developed a comprehensive range of revision titles and support books to give you and your child essential information, advice and strategies for success in meeting the demands of the real 11+ test.

The Official 11+ Practice Papers

As the publishers of the actual 11+ tests that the majority of children will sit, GL Assessment's Official 11+ Practice Papers are informed by long-standing specialist expertise in the 11+ and in wider educational assessment. Our range offers complete coverage of 11+ topics including English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. Packs are available in Multiple-Choice and Standard format and you can choose from:

Single Subject Packs comprising 2 packs per subject and 4 practice tests within eachL English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.


Variety Packs comprising 8 versions which offer one test per subject:


The Official 11+ Support Books

Designed to support you and your children through the 11+ process, these brand-new help guides from the publishers of the Official 11+ Practice Papers offer authoritative advice and reliable information for sitting the 11+ tests. The 11+ Explained series explains in detail the Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning tests, providing step-by-step guidance to help children develop their skills in these new areas. The Official Parent's Guide to the 11+provides essential information, advice and strategies for success to help you prepare yourself and your child for the 11+ test, whilst making it a positive experience.


Why choose The Official 11+ Series?

  • Provides guidance and practice for the 11+
  • Provides comprehensive guidance and support for parents of children sitting the tests
  • Builds children's confidence before taking the actual 11+ test
  • GL Assessment is the official 11+ supplier to numerous Local Authorities and schools