Implementing WellComm Primary in Schools

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday 12th June, from 2pm to 3pm. We'll delve into the complete speech and language toolkit, from screening to intervention.

Delayed language skills can hinder performance later in life. WellComm aids in identifying preschool and primary school children facing speech and language development barriers, allowing early intervention. Designed for Early Years and Primary-aged pupils, these toolkits are user-friendly and require no specialised expertise. Reports follow a traffic light scoring format for easy interpretation.

Our webinar features insights from experts who have utilised WellComm to support speech and language in the local authority. Speakers include:

  • Susanne Humpage, Project Facilitator, Developing Local Provision (DLP), and Hanif Ur-Rehman, Project Leader, DLP, will share the success story of the Eastwards Consortium in improving communication and language for EYFS and KS1 children in the North-East of Birmingham. The Wellcomm toolkit was chosen for its proven success nationwide. The webinar will highlight the Consortium's journey with Wellcomm, from September 2021 to phase 2 of the project, showcasing the positive impact on EYFS & KS1 children.
  • Emily Humphrey, EMA Teaching & Learning Advisor (EYFS/KS1) at Rochdale Borough Council, will share insights on WellComm's role in a consistent approach to exploring and supporting speech, language, and communication needs, particularly during transitions.

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12 June 2024 14:00 - 15:00
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