Listen: TALA Arabic Language Test

Listen: TALA Arabic Language Test

Thursday 19 March, 09:00 - 09:45

In this webinar we will introduce you to TALA, the Arabic language skills test for Grades 3 to 10. The webinar will describe how the test works, what it assesses and how the scores can provide valuable insight into your Arabic-speaking students' language skills, as well as your school’s Arabic teaching and learning.

The TALA Arabic language skills test:

  • Provides a standards-based measure of Arabic vocabulary, reading and writing
  • Measures students’ performance against age-related expectations as defined in the Arabic language arts standards (see here: )
  • Can be used twice a year to provide a baseline and a progress measure of the students’ language skills development.

Brought to you by GL Education in partnership with Diglossia, TALA provides an objective measurement of students' attainment and progress in the Arabic language.


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